ISOCS Short Course Winter 2023 Materials

Flyer: ISOCS-WC2023

Program: ISOCS-WS2023-Program


Monday, January 16: Environmental Odour Monitoring

Laura Capelli:

The use of gas sensors systems for environmental odour monitoring: potential, limitations,
and future perspectives

Marzio Invernizzi:

Methods for the measurement of environmental odours: state of the art and open challenges

Roberto Pasqua (Ellona):

Blind prediction test for odor concentration with an electronic nose: a real case of study


Carmen Bax:

Design and execution of an environmental odour monitoring campaign: practical examples of strategies for odour source identification, sample collection, dilution, and analysis for e-nose

Data of the practical session

Tuesday, January 17: Calibration techniques

Santiago Marco:

Assessment of the calibration accuracy of IOMS for odour concentration estimation, using model comparison methods

Saverio De Vito:

Calibration Methodologies for Low Air Quality Sensors: State of the art and future outlook

Calibrating Citizen Science Multisensors for mobile Air Quality assessment: A practical
proposal from Air Heritage Project

Christian Bur:

Advanced calibration strategies for IAQ sensors – transfer learning for addressing scalability


Theodosios Kassandros:

Implementing a calibration function for low cost air quality sensor data

Wednesday, January 18: Mobile applications with drones/ robots

Achim J. Lillienthal:

Modelling and sensor planning for environmental monitoring with gas sensors

Agustín Gutiérrez-Gálvez:

Aerial monitoring of pollution and odour

Patrick P. Neumann:

Aerial-based Gas Tomography


Javier Alonso:

Data Analysis and Multivariate Regression Modelling with Python for Gas Concentration
Prediction: an Array of Commercial MOX Sensors as an Example of Chemical Sensing Unit

Thursday, January 19: Trace detection of air pollutants and wireless gas sensing
networks (SENSOFT Project)

Eduard Llobet Valero:

Nanomaterials for trace detection

Pilar Pina:

SERS for gas phase detection

Jan Mitrovics:

IoT Technologies for distributed sensing

Andoni Beriain:

Energy limited communications in harvester assisted wireless sensor nodes


Andoni Beriain, Alejandro Santos Betancourt, Moritz Kleinstraß:

Demonstration of wireless gas sensing networks