New NSF Workshop on Artificial Olfaction

National Science Foundation (NSF) will organize a workshop entitled “Chemical sensing with an olfaction analogue: high-dimensional, bio-inspired sensing and computation” on October 7-14, 2022 (virtual).
It will gather worldwide experts from different fields providing their both broad and deep understanding of chemical sensors and their applications so to convey new and interesting views for shaping the upcoming research programs. Among the organizers You will find estimeed members of our community like Prof. Gutierrez Osuna (Texas A&M) and Dr. Potyrailo (GE Research).

More precisely, the workshop aims to assemble participants from a broad range of disciplines, including basic science (materials science, biochemistry, sensory perception, neuroscience, analytical chemistry), engineering (bio- and neuromorphic engineering, instrumentation, machine learning), applications (healthcare, environment, quality control, agriculture, military, security), as well as product design and manufacturing. Besides, the workshop will invite participation from multiple stakeholders, including government organizations, academic institutions, industry and non-profit organizations. The final goal is to create a comprehensive 3-year roadmap for NSF to create funding opportunities for translational research in chemical sensor systems through their Convergence Accelerator program. If you are interested in attending the workshop, please submit an application online at

They are accepting applications until August 15, 2022. There are limited seats available (~50).