Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is important to us. We strive to minimize the amount of personal data collected during your visit to our website. Personal data you provide to us is treated confidentially and solely in compliance with legal provisions.

The following provides information on the kind of data that may be collected and how such data may be used. As a general rule, your personal data is not passed on to third parties outside the definitions of this policy.

Personal data

You remain anomymous when visiting our website. With the exception of IP address, no personal data is collected. IP addresses are anonymized when logged. In the event of attacks or misuses of our website we may analyze the IP addresses. Log data is deleted on a regular basis.

Additional personal data (e.g. names, addresses, e-mail addresses, affiliation, telephone numbers) may be collected only when you have provided such data to us voluntarily. For example if you contact us via the contact form. Such data will be only used for the purpose for which you provided that data to us.

When you register, you may choose to sign up for subscriptions to newsletters or other services. Each message from us will have complete information on how to unsubscribe to that service.

We will provide you with the capability to modify or unsubscribe or delete your information from our database.

Membership and Event Registration

Membership and registration to events will require logins to the website. Membership in our society is administered on our website allowing you to sign up or canceling your membership.

Registration to events requires a login (though often no membership is required).

We will inform on each registration page about the purpose of the data collected and give options to grant or revoke our use of the data for the purpose. 
Additionally you have the ability to delete your data from the database alltogether.


Access to this website is via Security Socket Layer (SSL) providing protection during transmission. Access to our servers is protected and limited to a small number of persons.


In places we store cookies on your computer to provide special functionality on our website to you (e.g. settings / preferences). Typically the cookies will be automatically deleted when you close your browser. Some cookies may be stored on your computer for periods of up to one year in order to remember your settings and access to the website for your convenience. You can disable cookies within the settings of your browser.

Questions and comments

Please contact us with your questions and comments or requests to delete you information via the contact form or by email to .

Last update: 22 May 2018

This Privacy Policy is updated from time to time. Please check regularly.