Latest Past Events

ISOCS Short Course Winter 2023

VenueAddress: Hotel Vallechiara Loc. Ciuk, Bormio

Develop your knowledge of environmental gas & odour sensing at the ISOCS Short Course in Bormio, Italy The Short Course will cover fundamental concepts and practical aspects of chemical sensors systems applied to environmental gas & odour detection and monitoring. Exercises and demonstrations on data processing and on environmental gas sampling and sensing will deliver ... Read more

500.00€ – 950.00€

General Assembly 2022

Aveiro, Portugal Cais da Fonte Nova, Aveiro

The ISOCS General Assembly will take place on Monday 30 May 2022, at 5 PM at Congress center, Aveiro, Portugal, as part of the ISOEN Conference.

ISOEN 2022 Tutorials

Aveiro, Portugal Cais da Fonte Nova, Aveiro

The ISOEN 2022 Tutorials are organized on 29 May 2022, at the conference site of the ISOEN conference in Aveiro, Portugal.
They cover Electronic Tongue, Artificial Olfaction and Air Quality Monitoring techniques

80.00€ – 120.00€