ISOCS Newsletter November 2011


After the successful ISOEN’2011 Conference in New York, ISOCS is moving forward. Exciting short courses in Austria (winter) and Spain (summer) are announced. A few places are still available for the winter course. Do not miss this opportunity!!
2012 is a year full of options to present your work and hear the latest developments in chemical sensing and machine olfaction. In May IMCS takes place in Europe and is in conjunction with Europe’s largest sensor fair: the SENSOR+TEST exhibition fair in Nuremberg. It will be an inspiring forum to learn the latest developments by the leading sensor companies worldwide. ISOCS society members are invited to join us there in a General Assembly meeting to debate about the society and its planning of future activities.
And finally, do not forget to either become a member or renew your society membership for 2012 and continue developing your career, access essential networking opportunities and receive exclusive ISOCS benefits. Learn more about membership on the ISOCS website at Acquire a Membership – ISOCS (

Join ISOCS today and earn an extended annual membership until 31st December 2012. There are two categories of membership – full membership and student membership. All members will be able to be a part of this active community and entitled to various benefits. For example, you will be eligible for a discount on all future ISOCS events such as Short Courses, Workshops and the ISOEN symposium series. You will also have access to past proceedings of many of these events.

Santiago Marco, November 2011

Subscription Fees for 2012

The fees are €95 for membership and €25 for student membership.
Institutional membership is 295€ and includes up to 3 full members and up to 6 student members from one institution.
The membership fee is yearly and expires at the end of the year unless renewed.

Upcoming ISOCS Events

ISOCS Short Course Winter 2012, 12-17 January 2012, Kühtai, Austria on “Data Analysis, Robotics and Mobile Applications of Chemical Sensors”

The Short Course is held at the Sporthotel Kühtai located in the highest ski resort of Austria, about 30km west of Innsbruck. It will cover fundamental concepts of chemical sensors systems
and data analysis with a special focus on mobile applications. An introduction to robotics and practical examples of mobile robots with chemical sensors will deliver hands on experience. We have put together an exciting program that will provide attendees with both theoretical background and practical experience in the above areas.

Lecturers will include Prof. Julian Gardner, Prof. Antonio Pardo, Prof. Andreas Kroll, Dr. Marco Trincavelli, and Dr..Jan Mitrovics. The Course is residential and the program allows plenty of scope for networking with lecturers and attendees. Lectures take place in the morning, with the afternoon free for participants to network, consolidate their knowledge or enjoy the outdoors. We encourage people to ski in the afternoon and we have amongst us, the organizers, some keen skiers. Discussion sessions and labs resume in the early evening.

For more details visit ISOCS Short Course Winter 2012 – ISOCS (

ISOCS Short Course Summer 2012, 4-7 June 2012, Tarragona, Spain: “Nanotechnologies for Chemical Trace Detection”

The ISOCS Short Course Summer 2012 will be held at the premises of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona city. Tarragona is located 90 Km south from Barcelona directly at the Mediterranean coast. The course will cover new developments in nanotechnologies aimed to chemical detection at the trace level. Topics include fundamentals in nanomaterials fabrication techniques and characterization, sensor microfabrication, signal processing and application examples: explosive, toxic industrial chemicals, etc. The course offers both theory and hands on experience taking profit of the vicinity of the research labs of the host institution. The course will provide opportunities for networking and city sightseeing.

For more details visit ISOCS Short Course Summer 2012 – ISOCS (

ISOCS Steering Comittee meeting & General Assembly, 21 May 2012, Nuremberg, Germany

With the occasion of the IMCS-2012 in Nuremberg, ISOCS steering committee and the ISOCS General Assembly will meet in the evening of Monday 21st May 2012. The exact time and place to be announced shortly.

Selected Future Events

IMCS 2012-The 14th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors, May 20-23, Nuremberg, Germany

The 14th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors is the world’s largest interdisciplinary forum on all aspects of chemical sensors encompassing physics, chemistry, materials science and engineering disciplines including biomedical engineering. IMCS-2012 is held together with the world’s largest sensor fair, the SENSOR+TEST. IMCS-2012 is organized by the University of Bayreuth and Supported by AMA: Association for Sensor Technology.
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 21st December 2011
Conference website:

SENSOR+TEST – The Measurement Fair, 22-24 May 2012, Nuremberg, Germany

The SENSOR+TEST trade fair is the leading forum for sensor, measuring and testing technologies worldwide. The 2011 trade fair with its 577 exhibitors from 28 nations imposingly presented the entire spectrum of measuring and testing system expertise from sensors to computers – and the signs for SENSOR+TEST 2011 indicate growth.
In 2012, the world´s largest sensor fair and the world´s largest Conference on Chemical Sensors are held jointly – providing an event of huge synergy.
Exhibition webpage:

2012 IEEE Sensor Applications Symposium, 7-9 Feb 2012, Brescia, Italy

 (Sponsored by the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society)

SAS 2012 provides a forum for sensor users and developers to exchange information about novel and emergent applications in smart sensors, homeland security, biology, system health management, and related areas. Suggested topics for SAS 2012 include: Biosensors/Arrays, MEMS and Nanosensors, Sensor Networking, Smart Sensors and Standards, Virtual Sensors, Integrated System Health Management (ISHM), Multisensor Data Fusion, Non-destructive Evaluation and Remote Sensing, Homeland security, and Commercial Development.
Learn more at the conference web site:

Biosensors 2012: 22nd Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors, 15-18 May 2012, Cancún, México

Biosensors 2012 is a three-day event, organized by Elsevier in association with Biosensors & Bioelectronics, consisting of daily plenary presentations followed by parallel sessions comprising a rigorously refereed selection of submitted papers. In addition to invited lectures, selected oral contributions will be included as extended plenary presentations.
Conference Webpage:

XIII Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry, 25-29 June 2012, Budapest, Hungary

Chemometrics is the science of extracting information from chemical systems by data-driven means to address problems in chemistry, medicine, biology, chemical engineering, etc. Chemometric techniques are particularly heavily used in analytical chemistry and metabolomics.
Deadline for Abstract Submission: 31 January 2012
Conference Webpage:

2012 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence for Measurement Systems and Applications (CIMSA), 2-4 July 2012, Tianjin, China

Intelligent Measurement Systems today can be found in any discipline and sector: process monitoring and control, environmental surveillance, biomedical engineering. Increased robustness and flexibility can be obtained by the use of computational intelligence technologies like neural networks, fuzzy inference systems and evolutionary algorithms.
Abstract submission deadline: 15 March 2012.
Conference webpage:

Eurosensors XXVI, 9-12 September 2012, Wroclaw-Krakow, Poland

Eurosensors is the European leading conference on Sensors and Transducers
Conference webpage:

IEEE Sensors 2012: 28-31 October 2012, Taipei, Taiwan

IEEE SENSORS 2012 is intended to provide a forum for research scientists, engineers, and practitioners throughout the world to present their latest research findings, ideas, and applications in the area of sensors and sensing technology. IEEE SENSORS 2012 will include keynote addresses and invited presentations by eminent scientists. The Conference solicits original state-of-the-art contributions as well as review papers.
Conference webpage:


IEEE Sensors Journal: Special Issue on Machine Olfaction

The year 2012 is the tenth anniversary of the original special issue on machine olfaction at the IEEE Sensors Journal. During this time, the field has grown in a number of promising directions, including spectroscopic and olfactory receptor-based sensing, computational models of olfactory processing, and mobile and distributed sensing. The special issue provides a timely update on advances during the past decade (as well as a vantage point from which to evaluate the last 30 years) in the field and, more importantly, the challenges that still lie ahead.
Tentative publication date: 1st June 2012
Guest Editors: J.W. Gardner, K.C. Persaud, P. Gouma, R. Gutierrez-Osuna.

Special discount on purchases from JLM Innovation for ISOCS members

JLM Innovation GmbH offers a special 20% discount to all ISOCS members for purchase orders received before 31.12.2011 on following products:

  • MultiSens Standard: Integrated data acquisition and data analysis software for multi sensor systems.
  • MultiSens Analyzer (Basic, Standard or Professional): Data analysis software for multi sensor data.
  • CAPmeter: USB interface for capacitive sensors
  • JLMQ: USB interface for 4 QMB sensors
  • FQ4: 4 channel USB interface for frequency measurement up to 500MHz

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