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Short Course Winter 2013 Biosensors and Biomimetics: Inspired by Nature

Sporthotel, Kühtai, Austria, 15 March-20 March 2013,

Course Directors: Dr. Marina Cole, Prof. Krishna Persaud

The Short Course will cover fundamental concepts of biomimetics with a special focus on biosensors and their applications. An introduction to science of adapting designs from nature to solve technological problems will be supported with number of case studies including applications in olfactory biosensing, environmental monitoring, health care and robotics.

Who should attend?

The Short Course is ideal for anyone with an interest in biomimetics, biosensors and their applications and is new to the field; for example, PhD students, researchers, technologists and industrialists.
Short Courses organized by ISOCS are a unique combination of fundamental theory lectures and practical application exercises. They provide a head start into selected topics of current research and new developments in the area of chemical sensing, biosensing, olfaction and biomimetics. Most lecturers will be present throughout the duration of the course. Ample opportunity is given for discussion and networking.

Further information is available at ISOCS Short Course Winter 2013 – ISOCS (