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International School of Physics and Technology of Matter

September 15, 2013 @ 00:00 September 21, 2013 @ 23:59 CEST

Towards new frontiers of Smart Sensing and Integration: Materials, Technologies and Applications

Smart Sensing and Smart Systems Integration are currently witnessing a tremendous boost which arises both from the need for better understanding of fundamental phenomena and from the quest of applications in emerging and future technologies, where products will incorporate functions of sensing, actuation and control and will be capable of describing and analyzing a situation, and taking decisions based on the available data in a predictive or adaptive manner, thereby performing smart actions. In most cases the “smartness” of the system can be attributed to autonomous operation based on closed loop control, energy efficiency and networking capabilities.

Smart Sensing and Smart Integration combine materials, technologies and components from Microsystems technology (miniaturized electric, mechanical, optical and fluidic devices) with knowledge, technology and functionality from other disciplines like physics, biology, chemistry, nano-sciences or cognitive sciences. Then integration of micro- and nano-technologies along the line connecting the nano-, micro- and macro-worlds is the future of technology with a clear convergence towards Micro/Nano/Bio/ICT and with real applications into an industrial context when emphasizing the combination of components with the aim of merging their functional and technical abilities into an interoperable system.

The School is thought to give a perspective on some of both fundamental and new frontiers activities in the fields of materials science, technological processes, sensors and devices, industrial applications with an emphasis on their connections. The consequences and impact of sensing and integration will be analyzed in several different contexts.


(1) To broaden and deepen the background knowledge of young researchers, early-career scientists, PhD students and post-docs, in the general areas of materials, sensors and multifunctional devices, transduction methods, micro/nano technologies, miniaturization and functionalization,  advanced processing and packaging, wereable and portable devices, applications, etc., through a series of advanced lectures given by well recognized experts in these fields.

(2) To provide a perspective of the latest research and new frontier trends in these areas.

The schedule of the School is intensive with a rich program including formal lectures and discussion sessions, including a session for young researchers poster presentation. Some social events will help to create a stimulating and friendly atmosphere for interaction and learning. The daily program typically runs from 09.00-13.00 and from 17.00-20.00, with afternoon sessions being a combination of non-lecture activities, seminars and poster discussions.

Otranto, Italy