International Society for olfaction
and chemical sensing.

ISOCS was launched by GOSPEL,
the EU Network of Excellence in artificial olfaction, in May 2008.

It is a multidisciplinary community of leading academics and industry.
ISOCS advances the research and application of olfaction and chemical sensing by:

Facilitating the use of chemical sensing in appropriate applications

ISOCS facilitates the use of chemical sensing in appropriate applications.

It ensures the smooth transition from development to commercialisation. The society improves the success rate in the application of new sensing systems.

ISOCS has the expertise to help industry and academics identify olfaction and chemical sensing opportunities in many sectors.

Improving skills for researchers

ISOCS provides opportunities to broaden scientific expertise and understanding of how technologies are applied.

It equips early-stage researchers with tools to work within the interdisciplinary field of olfaction and chemical sensing.

The society offers intensive training and workshops presented by acknowledged experts in a range of disciplines.

Promoting interdisciplinary exchanges

ISOCS promotes the exchange of ideas and information within the chemical sensing community. It provides access to interdisciplinary expertise.

The society organises events to support interactions between members with diverse interests.

ISOCS emphasises a systems view in the development of chemical sensing technology.

Consolidating diverse expertise

ISOCS is a reference point for researchers wishing to make use of olfaction and chemical sensing technology.

It is an authoritative source of information for funders and policy makers. The society provides a united voice for the olfaction and chemical sensing community.

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ISOCS Short Course Winter 2023 Materials

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ISOCS Short Course Summer 2021 Materials

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ISOCS Winter School 2010 Materials

Flyer: ISOCS_Winter_School_2010_Flyer.pdf Program: ISOCS_Winter_School_2010_Program.pdf Presentations (Slides): Presentation 1: Introduction to Smart Sensors and State-of-the-art – Marina Cole Presentation 2: Interface…

ISOCS Summer School 2009 Materials

Flyer: ISOCS_Summer_School_2009_Flyer.pdf Program: ISOCS_Summer_School_2009_Program.pdf Venue: ISOCS_Summer_School_2009_Venue.pdf Presentations (Slides): Presentation 1: Chemical Sensors; Fundamentals and Principles; Markus Graf Presentation 2: Sampling…

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