General Assembly Invitation by the President

Dear ISOCS Community,

I would like to thank you all for your continual support of ISOCS.
We will shortly be holding the ISOCS General Assembly at ISOEN2022 in Averio in Portugal, on Monday 30th May. Part of this General Assembly will be to approve the appointment of the ISOCS chairs and executive committee.

Becoming a ISOCS member is an opportunity to support your community, meet others with similar interests and shape the future of the field. It is highly rewarding, enjoyable and is not an onerous undertaking.

If you wish to be considered for a ISOCS chair or executive member, please can you email the ISOCS secretary at , with a few lines about yourself and your willingness to become an ISOCS executive and chair member. Please can you return your interest in a position by the 1st May 2022.
For more details on the activities of ISOCS and the positions available, please see

Prof. James Covington
President of ISOCS