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Short Course Breath Analysis 2013 and LCaos Workshop

June 14, 2013 All day

14 June 2013 – Saarbrücken/Wallerfangen, Germany

This short course is organized jointly with the LCAOS Workshop on Lung Cancer Detection with Sensor Arrays and run in conjunction with the Breath Analysis Summit 2013.

The Short Course explores chemical sensors in breath analysis provides and covers knowledge on chemical sensors, data analsis and breath analysis for lung cancer detection as well as established medical practices for lung cancer detection.
The main objective is to give an overview of the available technologies and current research with a focus on practical applicability and real life problems.
The short course is ideal for medical scientists, clinicians and industrialists who want to get a head start on chemical sensors in breath analysis, and for researchers and engineers who want to use their technology in lung cancer breath analysis.

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Topics covered

  • Overview of chemical sensor technologies and their applicability to breath analysis. Advantage and disadvantages of the different technologies in breath analysis applications.
  • An overview of currently used methods for the diagnosis of lung cancer. Challenges, practical issues and a wish list from the medical practitioner.
  • Introduction to data analysis for chemical sensors. Filtering, extraction, statistical methods, pattern recognition. Good practices and pitfalls.
  • Practical examples and hands-on demonstrations of chemical sensors and sensor arrays.


The LCAOS Workshop will be held at the Hotel Scheidberg, St. Vallier Straße 1, 66798 Wallerfangen/Kerlingen, Germany.


Prof. Santiago Marco, University of Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Jan Mitrovics, JLM Innovation GmbH, Germany

Additional Lecturers

Prof. Hossam Haick, Technion Institute of Technology, Israel

Dr. Nir Peled, Sheba Medical Center, Israel


Presentations are available as PDF files for ISOCS members: Short Course Breath Analysis 2013 and LCaos Workshop Materials

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Wallerfangen, Germany