ISOCS Short Course Winter 2012

Data Analysis, Robotics and Mobile Applications of Chemical Sensors

12-17 January 2012 - Kühtai, Austria

The ISOCS Short Course Winter 2012 was held in Kühtai, the highest ski resort in Austria just 30km west of Innsbruck.

The school took place at Sporthotel Kühtai:

Download the flyer:  isocs_short_course_winter_2012_flyer.pdf (696kB) updated!

Download the program:  isocs_short_course_winter_2012_programme.pdf (370kB)

Lecture notes, pictures and videos are now available!

TheShort Course Winter 2012 covered topics including:

  • Fundamentals of chemical sensors and arrays
  • Thermographic and spectroscopic sensor systems
  • Data handling and signal processing
  • Exploratory data analysis and pattern recognition
  • Fundamentals of robotics and sensor networks
  • Mobile applications of chemical sensors

Speakers included:

  • Prof. Julian Gardner, University of Warwick, UK
  • Prof. Antonio Pardo, University of Barcelona, Spain
  • Prof. Andreas Kroll, University of Kassel, Germany
  • Dr. Marco Trincavelli, University of Örebro, Sweden
  • Dr. Jan Mitrovics, JLM Innovation, Germany

Presentations: (you need to have a login and be an ISOCS member to download these files!)

isocs_welcome_address_jan_2012.pdf (923.34 KB)

l1_introduction_to_chemical_sensors_-_julian_gardner.pdf (2.69 MB)

l2_sensor_arrays_microsensors_and_smart_sensors_-_julian_gardner.pdf (4.99 MB)

l3_single_sensor_data_processing_jan_mitrovics.pdf (2.73 MB)

l4_linear_methods_in_smart_sensor_arrays_-__jan_mitrovics.pdf (882.29 KB)

l5_infrared_thermographic_and_spectroscopic_measurement_methods_-_andreas_kroll.pdf (7.61 MB)

l6_analysis_of_time_dependent_datasets_-_antonio_pardo.pdf (1.9 MB)

l7_non-linear_pattern_recognition_-_antonio_pardo.pdf (1.11 MB)

l8_mobile_robot_olfaction_-_robotics_prerequisites_-_marco_trincavelli.pdf (972.08 KB)

l9_problems_of_sensor_drift_time-varying_parameters_and_aging_-_julian_gardner.pdf (997.3 KB)

l10_mobile_robot_olfaction_-_challenges_-_marco_trincavelli.pdf (2.68 MB)

l11_biologically_inspired_signal_processing_-_antonio_pardo.pdf (1.38 MB)

l12_mobile_robot_olfaction_-_applications_-_marco_trincavelli.pdf (1.62 MB)

l13_real_life_applications_-_jan_mitrovics.pdf (1.34 MB)

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Robot exercises 1

Robot exercises 2

Robot exercises 3

Robot competition 1

Robot competition 2

Robot competition 3

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Robot competition 7

Skiing 1

Skiing 2

Skiing 3

Thursday, January 12, 2012 - 17:00 - Tuesday, January 17, 2012 - 12:00
Kühtai (near Innsbruck), Austria