ISOCS News Edition 2 Summer 2010

Message from the President

It is a great pleasure to bring to you the first electronic ISOCS Newsletter. The ISOCS management team feel that this is a much more cost effective way to reach out to you and also a “greener” way. I was elected as President in April 2009 and so this has been my first year as ISOCS President. It has been an enjoyable 12 months with a number of events to report. First of all we held a week long Summer School in Barcelona (Spain) in September 2009 on “Artificial Olfaction” and this was followed by a Winter School in Val Gardena (Italy) in February 2010 on the topic of “Smart Circuits, Systems and Micro-technologies for Chemical and Biological Sensing. This was followed by the first Spring School (in Rimini Italy) in May on the topic of “MOX gas sensor technology”. In addition to these Schools we have sponsored four workshops on related topics and helped promote the activities of our members.

Perhaps the single most important development last year was the redesign and launch of our new ISOCS website. Thanks to the outstanding work of our new secretary, Dr Jan Mitrovics, who took over from Rebecca Simpson. We now have a website of which we can all take pride! The new website not only provides a source of forthcoming events but also allows its members to create profiles, upload events, job postings, and more as well as follow Twitter! We now have the capability for not only on-line School registration but also payment which means that we can handle large events much more efficiently.

So now as I begin my 2nd year of office and we can look forward to a series of ISOCS events as you will see below. This means that it is time to renew your memberships and perhaps join up if you are not already a member? The ISOCS Team recognises that these are difficult financial times and so the membership fees for this year have been frozen at last years level. In addition we are introducing an Institution (or Company) Membership – this gives 3 Full Individual Memberships and 6 Student Memberships for only €295. We feel that this will be an attractive proposition to University and Industrial Groups. So can I urge you please to renew your memberships and maintain access to all the ISOCS benefits, such as networking with other members, reduced School fees, access to past event documentation, advertising members events, profiles, twitter etc. I look forward to seeing you at future ISOCS events and our Biennial General Meeting in May 2011 during the ISOEN conference.  Have a great year.

Julian Gardner, ISOCS President

ISOCS Autumn School 2010

We are pleased to announce that there will be an ISOCS Summer School from 11-15 October 2010 in the beautiful location of Antalya (Turkey). The topic of the School is “Practical Challenges of Chemical Trace Detection in Distributed Sensing Systems” and will cover chemical sensor array technology, ion mobility spectrometry, and sampling procedures. 

ISOEN 2011 in New York, USA

We are delighted to announce that the next symposium in the biennial ISOEN series will take place in New York City (USA) from 2nd to 5th May 2011. The event is being organised by Dr Perena Gouma and the call for papers is now out. The key themes of the conference are: nanomedicine and selective chemo-sensing, artificial olfaction in quality control, and applications of sensor arrays in safety and defence. The return of the conference to the USA should be an exciting venture and is part of the ISOCS strategy to build upon our European strength into North America and elsewhere.

Dr Perena Gouma, Chair, ISOEN 2011

Call for New ISOCS Vice-President

ISOCS will need to appoint a new Vice-President (who is also President Elect) at the General Meeting in May 2011. Anyone who is interested in applying for the position should contact the President by e-mail. The nominee should be a member of ISOCS and supported by two other full members. In the event that there are several nominations, then we will hold an election (electronically) and announce the results at the General Meeting. This is necessary because Professor Santiago Marco will take over as President at the end of the ISOEN 2011 conference.

ISOCS Membership Fees for 2010/11

Membership fees are now due for the membership year of 1st June 2010 to 31st May 2011. The individual membership fees will remain the same as:

Full membership fee: €95

Student membership fee: €25

This year we are introducing a new Institution Membership that can be your university, institute or company. The institution membership fee is €295 and will cover up to three named individuals as full members and up to six named individuals as student members. Applications and Membership renewal can now be done on-line and payments can also be made electronically.

ISOCS Steering Committee

ISOCS has an International Steering Committee who’s members help to support the ISOCS Executive and run future ISOCS events. An invitation will be sent out to existing Steering Committee Members to renew their ISOCS Memberships and continue in that role; however if you are interested in joining the Steering Committee or wish to run future ISOCS events then please do contact us.

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