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The International Society for Olfaction and Chemical Sensing will soon be moving to a new website.

We would like to stay in contact with you and provide you with updates on our coming workshops, events and the ISOEN 2019 conference in Japan.

The new GDPR legislation will become active on Friday this week.

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ISOCS Newsletter Autumn 2016

  • Anouncing ISOEN 2017
  • Call for tutorials and special sessions
  • Penang School, November 2015
  • ISOCS - MiNaBICT workshop in Otranto, June 2016

ISOEN 2015 early bird registration ending in a few days!

Early bird registration for the ISOEN conference is available until April 29 at:

(ISOCS membership rebate: 50€)

The registration for the ISOEN pre conference tutorial on fundamentals of Olfaction and Taste science is now open.

Non member registration fee: 95€
(ISOCS membership rebate: 15€)

Registration for pre-conference Tutorial at ISOEN 2015 is open now!

The registration for the ISOEN pre conference tutorial on fundamentals of Olfaction and Taste science is now open.

Non member registration fee: 95€
(ISOCS membership rebate: 15€)

Further information is available at:

Call for Abstracts ISOEN 2015, new deadline 8 March

The deadline for submissions for the Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Noses 2015 has been extended to March 8!

Abstracts for oral and poster presentations are invited on the conference topics:

  • E-Senses System
  • Odor Generation
  • Olfaction
  • Online Analytical Techniques
  • Solid State Sensor Technologies
  • Application

Submission guidelines:

Special Session on Electronic Noses and Tongues at IEEE Sensors Conference 2014

Prof. Carmen Horrillo (CSIC) and Dr. Santiago Marco (IBEC) have organized a special sesion at IEEE Sensors Conference 2014 to be held in Valencia 3-5 November this year.

Contributions related to the application of chemical sensor arrays systems to food or health are welcomed and should follow the normal submission process, simply selecting the special session as preferred track.

Offial deadline is 11 April 2014 (Two pages abstract).

ISOCS Short Course Winter 2014 Announcement

The ISOCS short course winter 2014 on

Reactivity of solids, Kinetics, Catalysis, Definitions and Applications of Chemical Sensors

will be held 9-14 February 2014 in Les Houches, Chamonix Valley, France

The Short Course is ideal for anyone with an interest in chemical sensors and olfaction, and is new to the field; for example, PhD students, researchers, technologists and industrialists.

Summer 2013 Newsletter: Call for bids to host ISOEN-2015 and call for nominations for the board of directors

Dear ISOCS Members,

The flagship event of our Society is close. The 15th International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Nose will take place on July 2-5 a the EXCO, in Daegu, Korea.

The programme includes three outstanding plenary lectures by former ISOCS president Prof. Julian W. Gardner (Warwick University; UK), Prof. Gabriele V. Ronnet (Johns Hopkins University; USA) and Prof. Kengo Shimanoe (Kyushu University, Japan).

There will be three parallel sessions covering all the tradiconal topics of previous ISOEN editions. I would like to highlight that a number of specific symposia have been organized within ISOEN. These symposia will cover the latest development in hot research areas in basic areas (e.g. Understanding molecular mechanisms underlying odor/taste perception), but also advanced technologies ( e.g Olfactory sensors on flexible substrates). For the full programme please visit the webpage (

Social and networking activities include the welcome reception, the Gala Dinner at the Daegu Museum Art Musuem or a technical tour. If you have not done it yet, there is still time to register for ISOEN-2013 and learn about the latest results in the exciting area of research linking biology (olfaction and taste) with technology (chemical sensing).

Register for the upcoming ISOCS Short Course on Bio Sensors

Limited time is left to register for the

Short Course Winter 2013 Biosensors and Biomimetics: Inspired by Nature

Sporthotel, Kühtai, Austria, 15 March-20 March 2013,

Course Directors: Dr. Marina Cole, Prof. Krishna Persaud

ISOCS News: January 2013

ISOEN 2013 Venue



Happy New Year 2013!  This year ISOCS will be running a major society event. For the first time in the ISOEN Series of Symposia, the 15th International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Nose will be held in Asia. This is a direct consequence of the large increase of activities related to artificial olfaction, and chemical sensing in general, in Asia. The volume and quality of the work being done in this region of the world is shifting the centre from traditional western countries to Asia. This is a unique opportunity to see  the latest developments in device and systems technologies in this part of the world.  Korea was selected in close competiton with India to organize this special edition of ISOEN. Daegu, in the south-eastern part of the Korea peninsula is the chosen location to run ISOEN, 2-5 July 2013. Daegu, the birthplace of SAMSUMG is a medium size city (2.5 million) with continental climate. ISOEN will be run in EXCO, the Daegu Exhibiton and Convention Center (illustration)

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